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Pulpit rock hi! my name's hammy, i'm 17, and i like stuff!

i eat gifs and create cereal. i tag everything. let's be friends!! bye! (:

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sometimes i cosplay. [cosplay wip]

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Pulpit rock

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Allison Argent meme | 9 scenes [1/9]

↳ 1x04 - Magic Bullet

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Jennifer and I are the same.

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sometimes human contact can help with pain..

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It’s like the sun came out,
Oh, I’m an atom in a sea of nothing looking for another to combine Maybe we could be the start of something

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So me and my cousin were watching Teen Wolf on Netflix with subtitles on and we had to rewind something and when we played it again the subtitles froze on the line ‘Am I not attractive to gay guys?’ and oh my god it was the funniest thing I had ever seen.



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THIS MONDAY. 10/9C. MTV. Are you ready?

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Teen Wolf season 3 promo images.

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[...] he's really really sweet, and we got really close on the set of teen wolf, because we were always working together. and he's one of those friends that i know that i can tell everything about me, and he'll never tell anyone, you know. he's really loyal. 

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