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Pulpit rock

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→ 23/100 more Doctor Who on-set pictures

 23/100 more Doctor Who on-set pictures

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“I always equated the scene with that moment in Beauty and the Beast when Belle kisses the Beast and he turns into a man, and you’re really happy that he’s human, but you’re also really upset that the Beast is gone. And I always felt like that at the end… I don’t know where I’m going with this! But I always felt like she shouldn’t be kissing that number two. And also, he’s not the same. It’s all a bit weird. […] I think the beauty of sci-fi is that anything is possible. And I think that it’s never really the end for the Doctor and Rose. Well, maybe it is, I just don’t know it. Maybe I’m the one who can’t let go.

Billie Piper, Doctor Who Confidential: Journey’s End

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I think you need a Doctor.

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They’re just meant to be, I swear it…

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# Oh my Gallifrey # The Doctor’s face # He’s seen humans before and traveled with them for years on end # But the way he looks at Rose this early in their partnership is different # It’s the gaze of a man besotted # It’s the gaze of a man who’s done things he doesn’t believe he can ever be forgiven for and yet # This gorgeous woman standing in front of him gives him hope # She’s clever and brave and she’s here with him no matter how gruff he’s been or how he’s subtly tried to push her away (via gallifreyburning)

No Doctor will ever look at Rose like that. Ever. Nine was in complete awe of that woman, completely and totally in love. That look screams of reverence, mystification, admiration, adoration and love. He’s been turned into a lovesick teenager who writes songs on loose leaf while strumming his guitar. Inside his hearts are singing out to her, aching to be in her arms.

This was truly the Doctor who fell in love. 

This was also the doctor that died for love

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Then what sort of man is that?

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You brought colours into my life.

omg beauty

rebloggin this every time




You brought colours into my life.

omg beauty

rebloggin this every time

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